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COORDINATES OF KALDERIMI: 39.402556, 23.159799

There are two routes to Kalderimi Country House in Mouresi village, starting from EO92 in Volos;

The first route crosses the mountain via EO34a passing through the village of Portaria.
This route is approximately 45 km but may not always be passable during the winter season.

The second route follows the coastal road EO34 passing through Milies.
This route is approximately 53 km and is accessible all year round.

Both routes afford stunning views of the surrounding countryside leading to Kalderimi Country House in Mouresi village. At an altitude of 360m, near the villages of Kissos and Agios Dimitrios, the picturesque Mouresi village in Pelion, Greece, with linden, plane and cypress trees, is the perfect haven for those wishing to unwind and connect with nature.

Hotel in Pelion for Alternative Holidays

Kalderimi is the ultimate hotel in Pelion for alternative holidays in Greece as it offers innumerable possibilities for adventurous travellers all year round. From swimming at the beaches of Papa Nero and Damouchari, to horseback riding, hiking, mountain biking and skiing at the ski centre of Agrioleukes, the options are endless.

For those who prefer a slower pace there are also many churches worth visiting including; The Holy Trinity with the perforated iconostasis in the central square, Agia Paraskevi and the church of the Assumption. The region offers the most majestic landscapes in Thessalia, Greece against the backdrop of the mesmerizing Aegean, a wide range of diverse activities and a pervading feeling of peace, making the Kalderimi Country House the most appealing choice for family holidays in Pelion.