The Kalderimi Hotel is a beautiful guest house in Mouresi built with love by beautiful people who left their careers in Athens to live and share their love for the magical mountain of Pelion.

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After many discussions and collaborative work, the ‘Pelion Gastronomic Community’ was created, aiming at the exploitation and development of the gastronomic heritage and the gastronomic wealth of our region. Its aim is to highlight local gastronomy as one of the main components of the region’s tourism identity and to become a lever for the development of the local economy, while contributing to the formation of its cultural identity. In other words, to make the Volos – Pelion region a gastronomic destination, through the cooperation and synergies of local businesses dedicated to the idea. Learn More Here


Traditional Breakfast Hotel in Pelion, Greece

This traditional guest house more than an ordinary hotel; it is the gateway to a welcoming sensual experience allowing guests to see, hear, feel, smell and taste the sweetest fruits of Greek hospitality. Kalderimi is a traditional breakfast hotel in Pelion that has managed to capture the spirit of the region in its mouth-watering Greek breakfast buffet; In order to acquaint its guests with some of the delights of experiential tourism and enable them to savour the flavours of the countryside, an assortment of local specialties and organic fruits from the hotel’s gardens are served…smell and taste the essence of Pelion.


  • Fresh goat butter from Thessaly dairy
  • Freshly squeezed orange juice
  • Homemade biscuits with jam
  • Soft biscuits with brown sugar
  • Thyme honey
  • Locally produced delicatessen
  • Warm olive bread
  • Greek cheeses
  • Yogurt from local dairies
  • Homemade jams from fruit of our estate
  • Organic fruit (apples, cherries, sour cherries, small crisp apples, blueberries, cranberries, prunes)
  • Walnuts
  • Hot buns and homemade cakes
  • Coffee, fragrant tea varieties and home produced beverages from blueberries and tisane of our own collection
  • “Frumenty” with toasted bread
  • Tradition “Spetsofai” with local sausages
  • Baked omelette with organic vegetables (peppers-courgettes) and local sausages
  • Grilled or fried mushrooms
  • Greek pizza
  • Cretan rusks, bread twisters
  • Homemade pies made of cheese or spinach
  • Fruit tarts with fruit & homemade jams
  • Aromatic rice pudding (rizogalo)
  • Apple Pie
  • Sweet banana pie with chocolate
  • Blueberry cereal bars


A variety of health and fitness sessions can be organised on request. Release tension with Pranayama dance Yoga, for both women and men of all ages; strengthen muscles and improve flexibility, balance and health with dance movement practices, bio-dance, creative motion and alternate forms of physical expression, or enjoy a relaxing Thai massage administered by a therapist.
  • Pranayama dance Yoga
  • Thai & Relaxing massage
  • Bio-dance
  • Creative Motion


Outdoor Activities & Excursions in Pelion

Beautifully set in a prominent location in Pelion, Kalderimi accepts reservations for business meetings, seminars and special occasions. It is also the ideal base for outdoor activities, such as daily excursions, sporting activities and adventures of discovery, many of which can be organized by the hotel. Visit the official websites of our partners and get to know their Services Enjoy a canyoning experience, explore the waterways by kayak, set off on a horseback riding adventure, follow the hiking trails, go mountain skiing, downhill cycling, do water sport activities or take marine tours. Kalderimi also provides the ideal starting point for discerning travellers wishing to uncover the wonders and majesty of Pelion at their own pace and convenience; Discover the world of wild mushrooms or enjoy a guided tour through the cobblestone paths of Pelion led by a local historian.

Activities in the area that can be arranged by Kalderimi (on request):

  • Canyoning
  • Kayaking
  • Horseback riding
  • Hiking trails
  • Mountain skiing
  • Water sports
  • Mushroom picking tour
  • Marine tour in Pelion
  • Cycling downhill
  • Guided tours by local historian